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Apple Accessibility

1 Apple information on OS X accessibility

Apple Speech Recognition

1 Siri – Full list of Siri Commands for iPhone, iPad, Video

Apple Screen Readers

1 Voiceover easy
2 Quick reference guide for voiceover on iOS

Apple Keyboard Shortcuts

1 Voiceover Shortcuts
2 iPhone/Ipad Voiceover Keyboard Commands
3 iPhone/Ipad Voiceover Keyboard Commands (From Bluetooth list)
4 Voiceover Quick Reference includes Keyboard, Gesture and Braille tables

Apple VoiceOver and Bluetooth Keyboard Support

1 Perkins School for the Blind: eLEARNING Bluetooth Keyboard Commands with VoiceOver on the iPad iOS 9.2
2 Apple Support Using a Bluetooth keyboard with VoiceOver on Apple TV
3 Voiceover Keyboard and Gesture Commands Table For use with external keyboard (Bluetooth)
4 Youtube demonstration on using Bluetooth Keyboard

Apple iPhone Accessibility Enhancements

1 iPhone X Touch Accommodations Touch Accommodations with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch
2 iPhone Switch Controls Using a Bluetooth Keyboard to explore Switch Control options
3 iPhone 3D touch Setting up iPhone 3D touch

Apple iPhone X

1a iPhone X (i) Gestures for iPhone X.
1b iPhone X (ii) VoiceOver info, page two.

Apple Sites focusing on, or providing useful Applications for VIP's

1 Applevis A community-powered website for blind and low-vision users of Apple's range of products.
2 LookTel Object Recogniser TapTapSee is a mobile camera application designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired iOS users.
3 HueVue To help with colour blindness.
4 LookTel Money Recogniser LookTel Money Reader instantly recognizes currency and speaks the denomination.
5 Vision Assist Electronic Magnification.
6 Your Magnifying Glass Electronic Magnification.
7 Readability Readability turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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