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Hello, my name is Andrew and this is my small website which can be used as a reference site for people with visual impairment and their volunteers, who are trying to get to grips with today's high street I.T. products, such as Smart Phones, Tablets and Computers. I have been involved in electronics and computing throughout my working life. I am now at the stage where I feel I might know some of the answers to some of your I.T. questions, so feel free to give me a try.

Winter 2019: New page has been added focusing on HTML development; this page is for anyone wanting to start HTML coding, or for anyone wanting to know how web pages are constructed. On your first visit to the "VIP HTML Primer Page", I suggest you navigate to the Audio Help Section; where there is a drop down list providing access to some basic topics. Choose the 'Introduction' topic (which is the default option) and then make sure you activate the 'Select Audio Button'; to make this the current topic. Then you can choose the 'Play' or 'Pause' buttons which follow the Select button as required, to listen to the selected help content.
Access this feature via the menu button (top right), or visit the following link: VIP HTML Primer

Summer 2020: New, 'more child friendly' page has been added focusing on HTML development.
Access this feature via the menu button (top right), or visit the following link: Child Friendly HTML Primer

Winter 2020: a new page has been added taking visitors to the game of Blonge which supports speech feedback and can be driven by keyboard, mouse and touch screen, enabling VIP’s to better join in a quiz based game with all.
Access this feature via the menu button (top right), or visit the following link: BLONGE

Jan 2021: New Music App 'DoReMi Play'has been added to this site, which may prove helpful to anyone wanting to learn a simple instrument, like the recorder, and at the same time, learn to read and write basic music scores.
The 'DoReMi Play' App enables you to compose basic tunes and play them back to yourself, perhaps providing a bit of fun to help pass a few hours, especially during this 'Covid-19 lock down' period.
Access this feature via the menu button (top right), or visit the following link: DoReMi Play Soprano Recorder

Feb 2021: Addition to 'DoReMi Play' Music App to include Alto Recorder.
Access this feature via the menu button (top right), or visit the following link: DoReMi Play: Alto Recorder

Mar 2021:Addition to 'DoReMi Play' Music App to include full range of Tin Whistles / Irish Flutes.
Access this feature via the menu button (top right), or visit the following link: DoReMi Play: Tin Whistles

The DoReMi App now provides utilities for transposing any music written in its own format 'TuneText', as well as the option to convert 'TuneText' files to Midi format with pre-selection from a list of 128 instruments. Select the green Utilities button on any 'DoReMi Play' page.

Feb 2022: Addition of new Webpage in support of Spring Board into Music, run at the Nuneaton Community Centre Nuneaton, starting Feb 24th 2022 @ 12:00.
Access this feature via the main menu button (top right), or via the following link:: Spring Board into Music For more info please contact me Andrew H overseer@simplyinformed.uk

Ideally the 'DoReMi Play' App's should be used by those with knowledge of reading music and playing the recorder, or similar a instrument, so as to help visually impaired people (including those without any sight issues), to be able to master the above instruments and play simple tunes.

For more info please feel free to contact me Andrew H overseer@simplyinformed.uk

Mar 2022: Addition of resource page for musical keyboard training.
Access this feature via the main menu button (top right), or visit the following link: Keyboard Training: Resources

June 2022: Addition of the 'Peek Screen' VIP utility, visit page then touch screen to locate finger position on screen.
Access this featured via the main menu button (top right), or visit the following link: Peek Screen Utility

Jan 2023: Addition of the 'DoReMi Play Interactive Tunes' list.
Access this feature by activating the following link: DoReMi Play: Interactive Tunes

Feb 2023: Addition of Game Tracker App and Generate Random Valiables App. Together these App's provide a way of playing any Question based game as a gorup.
Access these two Apps these links Register to Game
Generate Game Values

Mar 2023: Redesigned Site Menu, to include dropdowns.

July 2023: New Alexa Skill for anyone wanting to learn to play the Irish Whistle (Tin Whistle). Image showing Springboard into Music Logo. A man on a springboard 
about to dive into a swimming pool, just below the swimming pool water, an Irish Whistle or Tin Whistle is displayed.

Access this feature on your Alexa Smart Speaker by saying: 'Alexa, Open Tune Time', or Alexa, Open Springboard into Music', then just listen to the instructions. You may have to say 'Alexa, enable Tune Time', first before the Skill can be used.

Conversely load the Alexa App onto your Smart Device (Apple, Android, or Windows), then issue Alexa commands via your smart device.

To get the Alexa App go to the Apple App store, or the Google Play Store, and search for 'Amazon Alexa', or in any WEB Browser, search for 'Alexa app download', then download the App.

Once you have downloaded the Alexa App, activate the following link: Tune Time, then enable the 'Tune Time' Skill. You should now be able to open the 'Tune Time' Skill on your device, and use it as if you were talking to your Alexa Smart Speaker.

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