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Please let me know if you find any links on this page that do not work and I will update this page as soon as I can. Email me (Andrew Harris) at Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Android Support Page

Android Accessibility

1 Available accessibility features. Android accessibility features
2 Zoom. Android Zoom
3 Basic Screen Reader Gestures. Android Talkback Gestures    Basic Android and TalkBack settings
4 iPhone Assistive Touch. YouTube video on iPhone Assistive Touch    Basic Android and TalkBack settings

Android Core Topics

1 Android Product Basics. Intro to Android Devices
2 Android Basic Talkback Navigation. Basic Talkback Navigation
3 Android Notes. Download AccessNote from Google Playstore    AccessNote instructions. Note, this app is also available for iPhone and iPad.
4 Android Contacts. Managing Contacts
5 Android Email. Email Background         Gmail
6 Android Messaging. Texting
7 Android Internet. About the Internet
8 Android Phone. Phone Call
9 Android Electronic Books. Kindle App

Android Optional Topics

If you need help on any topics not listed above, please email me at I will do my best to accommodate your request.

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To search for text primarily in other pages of the Simplyinformed Website, enter text in the search box below. To get back from the search results Press ALT and Left Arrow. Please note there may be a few initial links that take you to other sites that match your site search string, these can of course be disregarded if you only want to be taken to content on this site. Please note that the Search box is displayed as a table with one row and three columns, in other there are three cells in the search table layout. Cell one is where you enter your search string and press enter, or move to cell two to activate the Search Button. Move to cell three to find the clear search content button to clear out the text in cell on, ready to enter a new search string. Use the Up and Down arrows to move through search table cells when using NVDA. Once the Narrator has been taken to the search box press the enter key so that the screen reader switches into text input mode.

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