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What are contacts

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Your contacts list is one of the most important things on your device. It's where you'll save contact information for the people you know, including their names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

This information isn't just for your records—it's also used by other apps. For instance, if you need to call or text one of your contacts, thankfully you don't have to remember his or her phone number. All you have to do is start entering information and the app will pull up the rest.

Adding contacts

If you have any existing Google contacts, they were most likely added when you set up your phone or tablet. Beyond that, you can easily add contacts manually. To get started, open the contacts app that came with your device. It's usually called People but may be called something else (for example, Contacts).

Opening the contacts app

You can add a new contact using the add contact button (which is usually identified by a + sign or something similar and is normally found at the bottom right of the phone screen).

If TalkBack has been activated the TalkBack narrator will announce add new contact button when you navigate to the add contact button. Once activated a list of fields will appear where you can enter any kind of information you need, including a person's name, email address, and multiple phone numbers.  Navigate through the available fields using the flick right or left with on finger to explore the available fields, as soon as you hear the narrator announce edit box you can enter the required text. Some fields can be expanded or collapsed if there is more info that can be added that is relevant to the current field. For example the Name field can be expanded to include Name prefix such as Mr, Mrs or Dr, or Middle name and Surname etc. Complete the fields that are relevant to you, obviously Phone and or Email, are probably always going to be required. There are many fields available for each contact, just navigate to the 'More' fields button and activate to access the extra fields.

Filling out contact info

Sometimes you can add contacts directly from other apps, like if someone emails you for the first time and you'd like to save that person's address. To try this out, tap the person's information (or tap and hold if that doesn't work). You should be taken to a screen or dialog box where you can quickly add the person to your contacts.

If TalkBack is active you can navigate to the Show contact infomration  button  (this the first element encounteredwhen you open each email), when the show contact information button is  activated you will be taken to a profile screen for the sender of the email, naviage to the add to contacts button on this screen and activate  in order to add this new contact to your current or people list.

Viewing and editing contacts

You'll return to the People or Contacts app whenever you need to view or edit one of your contacts. Each version of this app is different (for example, yours might have different icons), but some tasks are still fairly universal. Here are some tips to help you learn your way around.

To browse your contacts, scroll up and down the list. They're usually sorted alphabetically by first name.
To search for a contact, tap the search button. You can find the person you're looking for by entering any contact information, including the contact's name, organization, or email address.
searching for contacts
To view a contact, tap his or her name on the list. Their information will appear.
To delete a contact, tap the menu button while viewing the contact's information, or to edit the fields for current contact entry navigate to the edit button and activate. You'll find several options to choose from.

Using contacts

Whether you're making a phone call or sending a text, using your contacts list to pull up the information you need can be a huge time saver. There are two ways to put your contacts to use: You can start with the People or Contacts app, or go directly to the app you want to use.

To contact someone using the People app, navigate to the contact's information, then tap the item you want, like a phone number or email address. You can even tap the message icon next to the contact's phone number to send a text message instead. Once you tap one of these items, you'll be taken to the appropriate app. If TalkBack is active, navigate to the required button and double tap with one finger to activate.

Using a contact's information

To pull up someone's contact info in Gmail or Messaging—or another similar app—start typing anything that's saved to the contact's record, including his or her name, organization, or email address. It's a lot like performing a search of your contacts list. Once you've found the person you're looking for, tap the contact's information and the app will take care of the rest.

Accessing a contact from the messaging app

Wondering how to pull up someone's contact info in the Phone app? Try dialling part of the person's phone number or spelling his or her name with the keypad, this will display a list meeting you current text entry. For example type Am in the search will mean a list will a appear showing and entry beginning with an A M, such as Amazon, Amanda etc. TalkBack users will need to navigate to the list as it is updated.

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